Welcome to QuestionPro Research

In an effort to bring attention to current issues, QuestionPro conducts ongoing research on a number of topics. This page contains information on topics, provides access to surveys we are conducting, reports, infographics and more related to our research.

Recent research projects:

Online vs Traditional Education

With school back in full swing, how are times changing in terms of online vs traditional education?


2014 Summer Travel Survey

For the 2014 summer season, we'd like to discover how Americans are traveling and spending.


2014 World Cup - Views Among Different Countries

For the 2014 World Cup, we wanted to compare how Americans, Brazilians and Germans view different issues related to the event.


Same-Day Delivery - Shoppers prefer shipping cost before delivery speed

In this survey we examine how American online shoppers view same-day shipping as a method of delivery and how likely they are to use it.


Mother's Day - Consumers spend more on Mom than Dad

We look at how consumers treat Mother's Day and their general opinions and behaviors for the holiday.


Tax Day - 35% of tax payers would cheat on their taxes

Are you honest with your taxes? This survey indicates that a good chunk of Americans aren't so much...


75% of Americans using wearable tech for health

Come see how Americans are using the latest in technology to help them meet their health and fitness goals.

Super Bowl 2nd Screeners 5X More likely to engage ads

How did Americans use technology, in particular social media, while watching the Big Game?


40% of Super Bowl viewers purchasing tech upgrades

How are Americans preparing for the Big Game? Lots of tech upgrades, food and parties!