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The World Cup, Brazil and Economics

QuestionPro, Inc., an online survey software provider, released the results of its 2014 World Cup survey. Americans, Germans and Brazilians were surveyed on their attitudes toward the 2014 World Cup in relation to Brazil’s infrastructure and economy. When asked their opinion on the greatest benefit of the World Cup, Americans most commonly answered “economic” (40% of Americans surveyed), as opposed to Germans and Brazilians who most commonly cited “bringing nations and people together” (42% of Germans and Brazilians). 

Americans were also less supportive of funding social programs as an alternative to the $11B Brazil spent on hosting the World Cup. When asked whether or not Brazil should have diverted some funds toward social programs such as education and housing, only 50% of Americans felt Brazil should have spent funds on social programs, as opposed to 74% of Germans and 65% of Brazilians. Additionally, given the costs, only 50% of Brazilians surveyed felt that Brazil should have hosted the World Cup at all.

Some other findings include:

- Americans are far less pessimistic about Brazil’s economic prospects from hosting the 2014 World Cup. About 45% of Brazilian and German respondents feel the World Cup will have a negative economic impact on Brazil, as opposed to only 21% of US respondents who feel the same;

- Over 48% of all respondents feel that hosting the World Cup in a developing nation widens the gap between the rich and poor; 

-A majority 56% of respondents agree that government should not appropriate funds toward an event that yields a negative loss;



Manaus waits to See if the World Cup sows future benefits (Miami Sun Herald)


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