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Super Bowl Survey

QuestionPro, Inc., an online survey software provider, announced the results of its 2014 Super Bowl survey. The company surveyed Americans about their technology and social media plans for viewing the upcoming game. The results showed that 20% of respondents plan to stream the Super Bowl live via their computers, tablets or smartphones. This indicates a growth of over 1,000% from last year, when only 1.8% of viewers live-streamed.1

Another emerging trend is the use of the ‘2nd screen,’ such as a tablet or smartphone, to supplement viewing. Results show that viewers who plan to use a 2nd screen while watching the game are significantly more likely to engage with an advertiser’s brand. Those viewers planning to use a 2nd screen report being 3 times more likely to engage with an advertiser’s brand on social media and are more than twice as likely to visit an advertiser’s website and purchase a product.

Additional key findings include: 

  •     40% of viewers plan to use a 2nd screen to supplement viewing, with 23% planning to check team/player stats and 17% planning to follow on social media.
  •     Facebook is the platform of choice for those planning to use social media: 31% plan to use Facebook, 18% Twitter, followed by Google+, YouTube and Instagram.
  •     2nd screen usage for smartphones is down 20%, while the use of tablets is up 16%.2

 Erik Koto, QuestionPro CEO said, “Live-streaming and the rise of the ‘2nd screen’ are redefining how we watch events. These trends offer an amazing opportunity for both viewers and advertisers to deepen engagement and expand the viewing experience.”

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