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2014 Summer Vacation Survey Findings

We wanted to research how people are spending their summers, the distance they're traveling, how much money they are spending, and what they're doing different than last year. We found that over 72% of respondents plan to travel or already have this year. Over 76% of those who aren't travelling citing high costs as the main reason, with hotels and airfare at the top of the list.

 Some other stats included:

  • A majority (42%) of respondents vacation about once a year, followed by 27% vacationing about once every 2 years
  • As for travelling companions, over 48% plan to travel with the entire family (spouse and relatives), over 23% with just their significant other, and over 15% are going alone
  • Automobiles are the most popular form of travel at 34%, followed closely by air at 32%
  • 28% of respondents expect to spend more on gas than they did last year
  • 30% are planning to travel about the same distance as they did last year
  • In terms of general spending, 21% of respondents expect to spend more on their vacations this year than they spent last year
  • When it comes to technology, only 34% are using smartphones to take pictures, versus 53% who will be using a digital camera for photos
  • 30% plan on posting to social media while on vacation, with Facebook being the most popular posting platform. 40% do not plan to post anything on social media while on vacation.
  • Despite being on vacation, 11% plan on still plan on working (mainly checking emails and making phone calls)


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