QuestionPro Research - Same-Day Delivery

Online US Shoppers Want Same-Day Delivery, Just Without the Cost, a provider of online survey and analytics tools, announced the results of its Same-Day delivery survey. The results showed that an overwhelming majority of shoppers take cost of shipping over the speed of delivery into consideration when making purchases. 73% feel the same day is a great idea or at least worth trying, yet if offered at a reasonable cost, only 22% would actually make the purchase online as opposed to a store. 

Some of the other survey findings include:

  • Given a hypothetical purchase with a $10 shipping charge for 5-day delivery, over 50% of respondents would not pay a premium for same-day delivery
  • 2/3 of respondents take product price and shipping cost into consideration the most
  • 62% would expect their delivery within 4-8 hours of placing their order
  • 44% of respondents wouldn't purchase any more online, even if same-day delivery costs were reasonable
  • 31% said big box retailers who offered same-day shipping would hurt small businesses


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