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April 2014 - 35% of tax payers would cheat on their taxes?

Recently the Interntal Revenue service released a report indicating that only 12% of tax payers interviewed would cheat on their taxes. Frankly, this number seemed a bit low.

So we launched our own survey, which found that 35% would actually consider cheating on their taxes, depending on how much they would benefit.

Results of this study
TaxDay-1Here are some of the key take-aways from this study:
  • Only $500 was needed in order to entice cheating;
  • 42% of responders 18-34 years old would cheat, versus 23% aged 35 and older;
  • 26% ages 18-34 think they should pay less, compared to 58% aged 35 and older;
  • 95% ages 18-34 filed electronically, only 69% 35 and older did so; 
  • Over 60% of all respondents would save, invest or pay off bills with their refund.

You can read the full press release here or see the full report here.

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